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From two successful lash salons to in demand training curriculums, this is our story. 🤍

Where our lash journey began...

Hi gorgeous!

I’m Amanda, the proud owner of Lashphoriia Academy. Our academy specialises in the damage - free and safe application of both Classic and Russian Volume Eyelash Extension techniques.

My love for the lash industry is paramount, i absolutely love making people look and feel amazing with lash treatments – it’s infectious to me. After two successful boutique salons, iLash Studio Sydney, located in Sydney’s Inner West, the demand for me to begin teaching my natural and damage-free style of lash extension treatments was overwhelming. Then, Lashphoriia Academy was born.

I wanted to create a comfortable training academy where upcoming lash artists would genuinely love to study and feel comfortable asking any question. An academy that combines amazing service, an information curriculum and successful lash artists who open their own thriving businesses. 

Our academy is is second to none, we are accredited and as part of this accreditation it is paramount that myself and my team is consistently attending training courses to update our knowledge to remain at the forefront of the lash and beauty industry. The lash industry in particular is forever evolving, and new techniques/ products are always being created, so we follow a bespoke training routine to ensure we are always up to date on the latest trends, product knowledge and our curriculum reflects this.

We are passionate about helping you success on this rewarding new journey. If lashing is new to you, you are a current lash artist or maybe you would like some refresher training from Lashphoriia, regardless of where you are in your lashing journey we are here for you!

We can’t wait to be apart of your success and wish you the best on every step of the way.

With love,
Lashphoriia Academy 
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We guarantee that we stay at the forefront of the lash industry! we update our curriculum so that you know the latest and the greatest skills and knowledge.

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You can study anywhere anytime! Your course login does not have an expiry. 

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Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies. You also have constant access to our educators so that you can always ask any questions you may have.

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