Online Edition

Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Work your own hours, become an elite lash artist and become part of this rewarding and growing industry.
 Learn the 1:1 method of Classic lashing and styling for any eye and face shape. 
For total beginners to advanced artists wanting refresher training.

Welcome future
Lash Artist

Hi new lash superstar!

I'm thrilled you're on this page! Why? because you will learn from an academy that is accredited by Nala Global Lash Association. You will learn all the fundamentals of Classic lashing and will soon enough be on your way to owning your very own successful lash business! 

Secure your financial freedom, work your own hours, learn a rewarding new skill AND become apart of this forever growing beauty trend.

What's included?

  • Level: Beginners to Advanced
  • Lessons: 53
  • Study time: No limit, course is open 24/7
  • Video time: 8 hours
  • Exams: 1 followed by photo submissions
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In our Online Classic Lash Course, we cover:

⭐️How to style different eye and face shapes for the most flattering result.
⭐️ Eye anatomy
⭐️ Infection control procedures
⭐️How to select lash diameters and lengths to preserve lash health
⭐️The 1:1 method of applying classic lash extensions in a damage - free fashion
⭐️Lash infills
⭐️Safe and pain free lash removal
⭐️How to decipher which clients are suitable the service AND how to create a loyal client list that RAVE about your work!  
+ + + much much MORE

You will ALSO RECEIVE a 100+ page Classic course manual JAM PACKED with vital information (including business building strategies) and most importantly, you will have ongoing support along the way from our educators!!

PLUS A FREE Eyelash Extension Starter Kit valued  at $180
so that you can start working on models straight away! 

If you're ready to change your life and become apart of an elite group of lash artists, sign up today!

Study online 24/7 at your own pace with our accredited lash academy. Ongoing support network from a team of educators who truly want you to succeed. Release your inner lash artist and become apart of this incredibly rewarding industry.

x3 FREE BONUS MODULES (valued at over $1500)

8 hours of video content
- 57 lessons loaded with classic lash knowledge
 - 100+ Classic Course Manual jam packed with illustrations and step by step guides
 - Ongoing support, because in business it is important to have a support network

Business and Marketing Module - FREE BONUS (valued at $997 - completely FREE)

HOW to price your treatments, HOW to set all of your pricing for each lash set, infills and removals (incl. naming conventions), calculating your expenses, HOW to calculate your cost per client, effective marketing strategies and step by step tutorials on how to create a social media Ad on any budget!

Legal Considerations Module - FREE BONUS (valued at $397 - completely FREE

How to protect yourself and your client with a waiver of liability (templates provided totally customisable for your business), account keeping, lash artist insurance (types and why this is a must!

Photography Module - FREE BONUS (valued at $297 - completely FREE)

 There's nothing worse than creating a stunning set of lashes and not taking amazing pictures of them to post on socials!! In this module we cover the best angles to shoot your images and effective tools to make your images look shah, enticing and spectacular!!Photography - FREE BONUS (valued at $297 - completely FREE)

A beautiful certificate that's all yours  

Upon completion of your Classic course you will receive a beautiful certificate from Lashphoriia Academy. This can be shown off in your lash space to show your clients that you have master the art of applying Classic Eyelash Extensions. 


Receive a beautiful certificate once competency is achieved. Display your new achievement in your lash area to show you are a lash superstar!  



BONUS 100+ page Course manual
Included with course!

The ultimate tool for upcoming lash artists FREE with your online course. Learn the ins and outs of creating a successful lash business. From salon startup to lash hygiene to Classic application, our manual covers it all!!!! 

Why should I take this course?

In the beauty industry

Whether you are in the beauty industry and want to add an extra service to menu list, you are able to learn all the fundamentals of both Classic and Volume lashing with Lashphoriia Academy. 

Refresher training

Taken multiple lash courses but still not confident in your skills? Training with an accredited academy ensures you are learning valuable information that will get you feeling confident enough to work on clients and promote your own lash business. 

Total career change 

Starting from scratch? Want a total career change? WE GOT YOU! We teach EVERYTHING you need to know to start your new journey in the lash industry and get you taking on clients ASAP. Learn all the fundamentals of lashing from lash hygiene, salon setup, application and business implementation.

Ready to become an elite artist?
Enroll today!

Want to chat to someone before enrolling? head on over to our home page and fill out the form to book a call with one of our friendly educators. Ready to go ahead and enroll? click the button below to get you started.



Lash Essentials Starter Kit - FREE with course 

We always recommend purchasing a kit with your course so that you are well equiped and ready to take on clients. Our kits have been specifically tailored to only include the necessities to get you on your lashing journey asap. Purchase separately for $180 or receive FREE with your full edition Classic or Volume course purchase.

- x4 trays of iLash Studio Sydney synthetic eyelash extension trays (multiple lengths and diameters to suit a variety of clients
- Eyelash adhesive
- x6 Hydrogel eye pads
- 3M tape
- Isolation and applicaton tweezers
- Surgical/disposable maks
- Lash wands
- Jade stone
- Practice mannequin with 10 pairs of practice lashes
- Carry case fitted with organiser slots and carry handle
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Learn anywhere. Anytime. On any device.

Don't give up on learning a new skill. Learn online part time or full time. Whatever suits you. 
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try before you buy!!!

CLASSIC Sample Course

Valued at $47 - completely free with code: FREE

Still unsure whether our courses are right for you? 
Still unsure whether our courses are right for you? We are offering Classic and Volume sample courses to give you a brief introduction to learning lash extensions online.
Our mini Classic sample course is curated to introduce you to the world of training with Lashphoriia Academy. With 11 modules of video content, a certificate upon completion and a chance to speak with an educator, it's the PERFECT way to get your lash business started. 

Frequently asked questions

I'm a total beginner, is the Classic course suitable for me?

Yes!! Our classic course is PERFECT anyone who has never attempted lash extensions before. It is also great for those who have but would like some refresher training. We cover everything from eye anatomy, salon setup, application, infills, removals and more!

What's the difference between the Classic and Volume Courses?

The Classic course teaches the Classic lash technique which is one lash extension per one natural lash. On the other hand, Volume lashing is where you handmake a fan of lashes comprising of more than one lash and apply this to the natural lash to add fullness and volume. This Classic course is shorter than the Volume course as there are a few extra elements we need to cover to understanding Volume lashing.

Is there a time limit on the courses?

Not at all, we understand that life gets busy and we can't always meet deadlines. Therefore, the course is open 24/7 for you to complete at your own pace. 

Does the course come with a kit?

Our full edition courses (Classic and Volume) come with a FREE Eyelash Extension starter kit valued at $180. Our kit is also available to purchase separately on our sister website www.ilashstudiosydney.com.au

Is your online course the same as the in person training?

Online learning is fantastic for those who can't attend an in person training session. Our online classes contain the exact same lessons/modules that we teach in our in person training. You will also have access to our educators when you feel stuck. Learn from your own home, at your own pace, in your own time!

Is the course difficult?

Every artist interprets difficulty in a different way! What we will say is that this course does require persistence, dedication and of course passion! If you're not too keen, then this course is not for you. 

I've never tried online training, I don't know if I will like it. Do you have a course sampler?

We understand that online training may be new for alot of people. So, we have introduced our online course sampler courses! These courses are designed to give you a feel for online learning as you will have access to our course player. These courses are totally affordable at just $1. You will receive 11 modules of video content (Classic Sample Course) and 12 modules for our Volume Sample Course aswell as a certificate upon completion. 

Is this course accredited?

Lashphoriia Academy is accredited through Nala Lash Association. In order to maintain this accreditation, our curriculum undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure we are always at the forefront of the lash industry and advising our students how to operate at the highest possible standard. For more info, head over to: www.nala-lashassociation.com

Are you a new academy?

Head educator Amanda has been operating her successful lash business iLash Studio Sydney for 6+ years. Due to her passion for this beautiful industry and the demand for her to teach, she decided to branch out and open Lashphoriia Academy! This academy has a main focus on teaching how to apply damage - free eyelash extensions and always preserving lash health.
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